About 101 London Museums

Welcome to the 101 London Museums blog.

Over the course of 2013 I intend to visit as many of London’s museums as I possibly can, from the great to the small, the famous to the obscure. The original plan was to get as close to 101 in a year as possible, but work commitments away from London haven’t really made that possible, still I plan to get there in the end!

My intention is to review each museum honestly and entirely subjectively. If you disagree feel free to comment or tell me why. Anyone who accompanies me on a trip will also be invited to give their opinion.

The museums are not numbered in any particular order other than the order in which I visit them, which is in itself fairly random.

You’re welcome to recommend museums for me to see, I’m sure there are many of which I’ve never heard and deserve what little promotion this blog can offer.

Please bear with me as I work my around the blogging process and wordpress in general.

Finally, typos are inevitable, if you’re that way inclined please flag them up and I will correct them.



15 responses to “About 101 London Museums

    • It is… I can’t afford to be picky. Having said that though, Chelsea and Arsenal museums are obviously NOT going to be included.

      • Various comments spring to mind regarding the Arsenal museum, most of which are too unsanitary for expression on a public forum.

  1. I hope we can look forward to welcoming you to the Horniman some day soon! We’d love to hear what you think.

    • Of course! How could I miss a museum with torture chairs, an over stuffed Walrus and an enormous horn (french horn I mean)?

      It’s definitely on the list.

  2. Hi Nick – fantastic site. Would love to talk to you about you doing an interview/story on on the website I edit. Have put my email in contact form and can tell you more via that!

  3. Love the idea for your blog! I’m giving a talk about Museum Blogging at the European Blog Conference later this month, and will mention it as an example. If you find a hidden gem along your way, please consider contributing a post for the Adopt-a-Museum project: http://adopt.museum140.com/about Thanks. Look forward to your further posts. Jenni

  4. Here via diamond geezer! This is a great project. If you haven’t already seen my map of London museums, you might find it useful. I’ve just gone through it and added links to your posts; there are also links to posts by people like Ian Visits and diamond geezer.

    • Oh my… there are many more museums than even I thought! Kirkaldy testing museum anyone?

      • Let me know if you’re planning a trip to the Museum of Croydon — it’s about 10 minutes’ walk from my house and I would happily accompany you! (kake@earth.li)

      • Cheers… but I’m probably not to be honest. ‘Local’ museums aren’t on the list.

    • Hello
      I am on Twitter and keep promising myself I’ll use it more to publicise the blog.

  5. Hi Nick, could I get your email address or is there another way to contact you? I would like to explore the possibility of working together.

    • Hi Jet.
      I’d rather not stick my email up here, to avoid spam, but I managed to find you on facebook so you can message me there.

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